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I am an award-winning FILMMAKER and WRITER, with a wealth of additional creative experience. I grew up in Bristol, and studied film and photography in London.


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I am a writer who designs his own books:

Ukraine at War: Street Art, Posters + Poetry was published in December 2023. More here.

Bosnian War Posters was published in May 2022. More here.

ABC of Film & Video Editing will be out in 2023. It is currently in the final stages of being edited. More here.

Film Step by Step: Methodology of Self-Awareness, by Carolina Rivas, was published in Barcelona in 2020. I edited and redesigned this Spanish-language cinema book, which was originally published in Mexico in 2010.

I have written for various print and online publications, including Eye magazine, London. More here.


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In the early 2000s, I started to evolve as a multidisciplinary filmmaker. I defined myself as the producer, writer-director, photographer, as well as editor and sound designer of three feature films that won 15 prizes around the world.

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Film Editor

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I have been editing and sound-designing films since the 1980s—first on celluloid and digitally since the mid-1990s. Today I mainly work in Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Audition, but I also have working knowledge of Avid, Final Cut Pro, Lightworks and Protools.

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Book Designer

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Apart from designing my own books (Ukraine at War; Bosnian War Posters; ABC of Film Editing; Hairan; etc.) I also design books for other authors. I am currently working on a four-volume illustrated biography of the musical Strauss Dynasty. And I will shortly be starting work on the complete plays of Anton Chekhov.


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I started teaching film editing in Mexico in 2006. After moving to Barcelona in 2012, I became the head of film editing at La Casa del Cine; I stayed in this position until 2021. I now give classes in film editing at ECCIT,  Lleida, Catalonia. I give private film editing classes if requested, and teach all Videovalores courses. 



I was in Kyiv, Ukraine, for three weeks in August 2022. I took photos, met artists, and gathered material for a book about popular art during the war. 

Ukraine At War - with a Foreword by Andrey Kurkov and an Introduction by Emma Mateo - also includes 18 new poems written by Ukrainian citizens.

Ukraine At War was published on 12 December 2023.

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A few days before publication, Ukraine at War was featured in The Guardian's Saturday colour magazine. The text then appeared on the web. 

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I am currently editing an anthology of poetry by Iranian women poets.

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Other Literary Projects in Progress

ABC of Film & Video Editing

Subtitled Practical & Creative Working Dictionary for Filmmakers & Film Editors, this is the sum of all I know about film editing, written after 35 years as a working film editor and 15 as a teacher of editing in Mexico and Spain. This book is currently being edited and will be published soon.

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